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Galo Garces records 24 Double Unders in Cross Town Throw Down and Becomes Latin American Double Unders Champion (according to Him)


Galo Garces records 24 Double Unders in Cross Town Throw Down and Becomes Latin American Double Unders Champion (according to Him)

  Galo Pictured above (age 14) winning Ecuador’s Double Dutch National Title…still the youngest champion ever to hold this title. 




 Galo Garces records 24 Double Unders in Cross Town Throw Down and Becomes Latin American Double Unders Champion (according to Him)

 History was made on February 9, 2013 and unfortunately the CrossFit community (including Headquarters) failed to recognize it. In WOD #2 of the Cross Town Throwdown, Galo Garces diligently plucked away on his most prized God given skill (Double Unders) and recorded a personal best of 24 (in a 24 hour period). While at first glance this may seem both amazing and unbelievable his judge later verified that this number was “spot on” (even after Dr. Garces offered her $20 to bump it up 34). She admitted she had trouble keeping count as many of the successful attempts “appeared as a blur” and were often sprinkled in with triple unders as a “symbol of his showmanship”. Galo later informed the staff of CFS this was not only an amazing score for the competition but qualified him as the Double Under Champion for all of Latin America. At the time of publishing we are still verifying the authenticity, but have decided to take him at his word. After all, he is a Doctor right?

As I lay in bed marveling at this amazing athletic feat, I pondered what goes into the making of the Latin American Double Unders Champion-as we all know- champions are not just born, they are made. I asked Galo to sit down and offer some insight in regards to what forged his Double Under prowess. He cheerfully agreed which surprised me being that Double Under secrets are often sold for high prices-especially if you are the champion of all Latin America. The tone of our conversation soon grew serious. Like….Double Under serious.

Galo confided to me in his cold Tony Montana accent “Sean, you keep your friends close, but your jump rope even closer”. I got goose bumps because the look in his eye was ice cold and I knew he meant business.

“In Ecuador we start jumping rope before we can walk”. I wasn’t sure how this was possible- but like I said, he looked so serious, so I just listened.

“I did not get meals unless I could do 30 singles and thats just the way it was-kids today are so freaking entitled. I knew it was for my best so I did what Pa-Pa told me-and many nights I would go to bed hungry. In most Latin American countries, soccer is king, but in my family it was Double Dutch! Every weekend I would compete and always- I win. I ate, slept, studied, even went on my first date with my jump rope in tow..and it wasn’t these fancy-shmancy Rogue speed ropes-it was a strand of manilla and 2 knots. That’s how I become the greatest. As I grew so did my legend (along with my Ronald McDonald feet)… but still I continue to jump. People would come from miles around by ferry and plane, to my quaint fishing village to see the “Great Galo” perform Double Dutch. They throw money and change in my hat. This is actually how I put myself through medical school. I would often listen to inspirational music like “Jump” (Van Halen) “Jump Jump” (Kriss Kross) “Jump Around” (House of Pain) just to take my game to the next level. Eat, sleep , jump, rinse, repeat…this was my life! So when I discover Crossfit and Double Unders, it was quite a natural fit. Sure I would love to teach seminars but dammit, I’m a Doctor Sean, not a kid anymore!!!!”. spittle flew from his mouth. (It was a very intense conversation).

As Galo concluded…I stared in awe with my mouth agape, and it finally dawns on me- “I am standing in the presence of Jump Rope Royalty…he makes Molly Metz look like some kind of cheap Vaudeville act. This guy is the real deal and we can all stand to learn a little bit from him”. Please congratulate him when you can (and try not to step on his feet).


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