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Bill Barret


Bill Barret












I’m a 45 year old attorney.  I have spent way too much of the 15 or so years behind a desk, with the result that as of last September, I weighed at least 311 lbs.  We have two five year olds, so I need to be active!

What was your activity level like before CrossFit?

Before CrossFit, my activity level was an occasional walk around the neighborhood.  I have enjoyed mountain biking in the past, but my bike sat in the basement for 3 years.

What do you like most about Crossfit Stapleton?

For me, the best thing about Crossfit Stapleton is the professional coaching.  The coaches take the time to understand each client’s needs, and they tailor the workout experience to fit the client.  They focus on safety and stress practices that help clients progress quickly while avoiding injury.  Each workout is carefully planned and executed, and I always feel that I’m not only growing in my physical abilities, but also in my knowledge of exercise techniques and how to live a lifestyle in which my fitness is constantly improving.

Another thing I really like about Crossfit Stapleton is the community atmosphere.  Everyone is positive and encouraging, and I always feel like I’m competing with myself for my own self improvement, not with others.

How has this changed you in other parts of your life?

I started working out in September of last year, first by biking for a month, and then I added in Crossfit.  For me, the workouts and the diet go hand-in-hand.  The intensity of the workout motivates me to eat well—who wants to waste all that effort with a bad diet?  Eating well helps me lose weight.  The overall cycle of improvement helps me feel better physically and mentally and motivates me to keep coming back!

What goals has crossfit helped you reach?
I started CrossFit with a goal of weighing 235 lbs by August 2012.  My most recent weight was 245, so I am feeling like my goal is within sight.  My waist size has gone from 46 to 38.  My shirts have gone from XXXT to XT.  I’ve had to replace my entire wardrobe.  I have also found that strengthening my back and my core has protected by back, which was easily injured before I started CrossFit.  And when I started CrossFit, I was biking about 8 miles at a pop – now I’m up to 35 miles and climbing.
Is there is really something unique about a Crossfit program that if different from anything else out there?
When I started, I heard a few people saying that Crossfit is for younger people – under 30.  But I’m 45, and after six months of Crossfit, I feel better than I have in years.  My exercise motto is “do no harm” – so I’ve taken it slow, focused on form rather than maxing out my weights, and have seen gradual and substantial improvement in my abilities.  Now, I’m starting to lift heavier weights, and I feel great.
Anything else?
CrossFit is addictive.  I have never been consistent with a work-out program before.  But with CrossFit, I can’t wait for the next workout.  I annoy my friends and family by constantly talking about how great it is.  Speaking of which, I’ve been out sick for a few days, and I am missing the WODs!

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