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Doctor and mother of two young children.


What was your activity level like before CrossFit?

Skiing in the winter, running maybe 1-2 x/week, sometimes biking.  Sometimes Id go through periods where I would do nothing at all.  Then Id go through periods when Id join a gym/club, even get personal trainer,  and try to stay on a regimen but could never really stick with it more than a few months– I  get bored easily 🙂


What do you like most about crossfit?

The results I see from my workouts.  Im in better shape now than I have ever been in my life.  The workouts are really efficient and effective.  I can accomplish so much more in less time than Id previously invest in exercise.  Unlike previous workout regimens, I never get sick of Crossfit.  Every day is different and I look forward to going.  The group atmosphere is also a lot of fun. Its very social. Ive developed some great friendships through Crossfit.


How has this changed you in other parts of your life?

I feel better and so much healthier.  I can do every physical activity I attempt better than I used to.  I can finally ski moguls (Im sure its all those wallballs).  I can run faster and farther than i used to with less training.


What goals has crossfit helped you reach?

  Getting down to (even below) my pre-baby weight.  I lost 15 pounds from my max weight in first 3 months and have been able to maintain it for over a year without feeling like Ive had to sacrifice.  Even more importantly, I like having more muscle tone and being stronger.


Is there is really something unique about a Crossfit program that if different from anything else out there?

It really works.  I dont really do much except show up to the gym, do what the coaches tell me to do a best/hard as I can, and avoid eating junk (Nicolle and Emilio introduced me to the Paleo diet — seems to work well for me).  It has been amazing to see not only my own results but all of the other Crossfit veterans transform.  We can all do workouts that we wouldnt have been able to do a few months ago (and BTW,  you all are looking great at the pool!).  While Nicolle and Emilio (and later Heather) got us started, the addition of Sean has been incredible– just when I thought it couldnt get better.  His knowledge of olympic weightlifting is unbelievable and has taken the program to a new level.


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