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FRCF Master Event- WOD's/CFS Athlete's Heat Times/Directions


FRCF Master Event- WOD's/CFS Athlete's Heat Times/Directions



Workout #1 (Inside)

As many reps in 25 minutes of:
1 Ground-To-Overhead attempt, you pick the weight
250 meter row

You may pick any weight, but the weight stays on the bar the entire workout.  You may not change the weight once 3-2-1-Go is heard.  You only get one attempt per round.  If you miss, you must get back on the rower and row another 250 meters before you can attempt the weight again.

This workout is scored in two ways.
Total amount of weight lifted
Total amount of meters rowed

CO Open ROM pictures 006 CO Open ROM pictures 004

Workout #2 (Outside)

The Sandbag/Wall Sprint

For time:
10 lunges with sandbag
Over the wall with the bag
20 ground to top of box with the sand bag
Over the wall with the bag
10 lunges with sandbag

The workout starts with the sandbag on the ground, the athlete gets the sandbag across both shoulders and begins lunging 10 total times.  The athlete then runs to the wall, gets the sandbag and themselves over the wall, picks up the bag and gets the sandbag across both shoulders again and then proceeds to the 48″ box.   The athlete then drops the bag to the ground and then picks up the bag, placing it on the top of the box.  The athlete does this 20 times.

The athlete then gets the sandbag back across the shoulders, gets the bag and themselves back over the wall.  The athlete then gets the bag back across both shoulders and goes back to the start, where 10 more lunges are performed.

The wall is 60″ tall.
For the 55+ women, it is a 50″ wall.

Age Group 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60+
Sandbag Weight 70/45 70/45 70/45 70/45 45/25 45/25

Workout #2 has a 3 minute time cap.

At the 4 minute mark, Workout #3 starts…….

Workout #3  

Jumping and Snatches

As many rounds and reps in 6 minutes of:
10 stick jumps,
20 Kettlebell Snatches, total

The athlete starts by jumping over the stick.  It must be a two footed jump.  You cannot step over.  Each time you land successfully over the stick, that counts as one rep.

After 10 reps, the athlete picks up the kettlebell and performs 20 total kettlebell snatches.  The kettlebell must pass between the plane of the knees on the back swing and must come to a lockout over the base of the feet.  The athlete may switch hands at any point.

The kettlebell may not be dropped at any time.   The first drop costs 1 complete round off your score (30 reps).  The second drop eliminates you from the competition.

The stick is 12″ tall.
For men and women 55+ it is 6″ tall.

Age Group 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60+
Kettlebell Weight 24/16 24/16 24/16 20/12 20/12 20/8

CO Open ROM pictures 026 CO Open ROM pictures 027


CFS Athlete’s Heat Times


Kim E/Jenn- 10:30am
Tara- 11:30am
Nicolle- 12pm

Galo/Emilio- 3:00pm

Steve- 4pm

Dave- 4:30pm

Bill- 5:00pm



Galo/Emilio- 11:15am

Steve- 12pm

Dave- 12:30pm

Bill- 12:45pm

Kim- 4:15pm

Jenn- 4:45pm

Tara- 5:45pm

Nicolle- 6:15pm


Please come out and support our athletes!!!

Here is how to get to FRCF from CFS: 

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