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Friday May, 11 NoLimits Bootcamp Central Park


Friday May, 11 NoLimits Bootcamp Central Park



WOD- ‘Chipper’ For Time

400 Meter Run

50 Goblet Squats

50 Burpees (ouch)

50 KB Swings

400 Meter Run



6am Crew


Julie Sit ups- 1:30 WOD- 14:25 Week 1 WOD time: ?
Jolene Sit ups- 1:51 WOD- 15:44 Week 1 WOD time: 17:01
Ann Sit ups- 1:35 WOD- 13:51 Week 1 WOD time: ?

9:30am Crew


Wendy Sit ups- 1:37 WOD- 15:16 Week 1 WOD time: 13:30 *Mod*
Sarah Sit ups- 1:50 WOD- 15:20 Week 1 WOD time: 13:46 *Mod*
Erin Sit ups- 1:15 WOD- 11:56 Week 1 WOD time: ?
Jill Sit ups- 1:15 WOD- 15:27 Week 1 WOD time: 17:46
Karen Sit ups- 1:40 WOD- 13:40 Week 1 WOD time: 16:06

 It was so AWESOME to see how much you have all improved over these last 6 weeks!!! You should all be very proud of the gains you have made! Now keep on getting better and register for SESSION 2! 



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