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Friday Sept. 14, 2011


Friday Sept. 14, 2011

We now have 5 rowers at CFS and we will be getting more next month as we feel they are hugely important tool in conditioning and producing an intense metabolic response from our bodies. Starting last Saturday we began incorporating the rower regularly and have touched on some technique (before we did “Jackie”). Some of you still look like you are having an epileptic seizure when pulling (Cindy) and need to smooth out. Check out this video that breaks down some key points in your stroke technique. Not sure why they hauled a Concept 2 Rower down to a dock by a river for the video but it gives you a nice foundation.








Group 1 Snatch 3,3,2,1,1 Rest 3 min b/t

Group 2 Snatch for set accumulation. Moderate weight for skills session.

Rest 5

30,25,20,15,10 rep rounds for time:

KBS – 1.5 pd/1pd

Double Unders

Push Ups




Heather 12:38

Laura 13:01

Seth 13:20

Liz 13:22

Danielle 13:35 Rx

Kimi 13:36 Rx

Adam 13:52 Rx

Nick 14:52

Connie 12:15

Mike 9:47 Rx

Travis 9:26 Rx

Galo 11:35

Laura M. 11:52


Javier 12:45

Jeremy 15:00

Tom H. 15:25


Great job Lara M. on adding 20# to personal 1 RM on Snatch.





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