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Happy Thanksgiving CFS! Turkey Day WOD 2014


Happy Thanksgiving CFS! Turkey Day WOD 2014

Happy Happy Thanksgiving CrossFit Stapleton Family!


The coaches and staff at CFS are SOOO grateful for each and every one of you…

Thank you all for always working your butts off and being awesome!

We hope you can come out and hit this AWESOME team Thanksgiving WOD with us…. This will be our ONLY WOD today!

Class starts at 8:30am!

We are expecting a large class… Please sign in to ZP.





30min to accumulate as many points as possible

In teams of 3- you will have 30 minutes to accumulate as many points as possible by completing the following movements:

(1) Gymnastics Movements
20 sit ups = 2pts
10 pull ups = 5pts
20 push ups= 5pts
20 kb swings (53/35) = 10pts
50 air squats = 10pts
5 muscle ups = 15pts
5 wall walks = 15pts
(2) 400m weighted (med-ball) run (20/14) = 10pts
(3) Barbell movement (96/65) = 1pt per rep
Ground to overhead: Clean and Jerk or Snatch


Team Flow:

Team member 1- will be completing an 800m weighted run

Team member 2- will be completing an AMRAP of the barbell movement

Team member 3- will be completing any of the gymnastics movements

**Once team member 1 returns from the 400m run, the team will rotate responsibilities**

It is the teams responsibility to keep track of all the point totals/reps. All reps for each movement must be done completely and properly in order for the points to count.


We will provide scorecards!!!



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