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Monday August 19, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Monday August 19, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

As many of you know CFS entered three teams into the Fossil Games at the Bladium… this past Saturday..
All three of these teams came together and truly surprised themselves in so many ways. As an owner, coach, athlete, you can’t describe in words how proud it makes you to see crew work together and NEVER give up. We entered as three separate teams but as the day went on was clear we were one team. Here are some of the highlights….. 
1. Greg Sands putting on his singlet...(much to my discouragement) and clearing the entire ladder at 295#…the cheering section roared and what was even better is the dramatic movements greg makes to get himself into a perfect position to execute a flawless clean.. WE love you greg. KIm Ezrine turning her sweet game face on and
kicking ass at every event…. hitting a new PR on the rower…and giving it everything she had to push that sled across the turf. Jennifer Hanzlick working so closely with her team …Dead lifting 255 with a bad back and cheering on everyone around her..always positive and always gives a solid performance.
Bill T…what can I say determined to win this competition that he forgot to move his head out  of the way of the bar and split his head open on the snatch… never stopped him!
2. Dirty Thirties- Rob Mathes being the main source of brute  strength and power …we always knew where and what event he would be utilized the best…ALL of them.
Tara Shofnos… 275 Deadlift.. A new PR of 30 Lbs…she keeps surprising us,every day. Nicolle with an impressive 15# PR on her Deadlift.  Jeff Heidrick with flawless execution..falling off the rower..after hitting a solid Row time. Handling that sandbag in event 1 and only showing up 1 hour late for the beginning of the competition:)
3. Burpeenators- Ryan Forsman dominating the rower..while his team worked together to set all new PR’s in the rowing event. Allison Lodge setting a new PR on the Deadlift…pushing herself to a whole new level. Reno coming in to  take over the snatches and moving through each event with strength (PRing on his clean) and excellent form. Lisa P..
The girl just never gives up..she hit  new PR on deadlift, Rower, and was the source of reason with her team was a true leader. This team all hit new PR’s and more importantly…they gave it 100%.. you just saw it on their faces.
I could go on and on but the main point is whether you decide to do these competitions or not ..never underestimate the power of “teamwork”..ask yourself the next time at CFS …is this just about ” my workout ” or do I stop and encourage everyone around me?  What do I do after I am done my wod…so I grab water and hang out or do I then become the team member everyone needs…yell, scream, push someone who is dying in the corner because they think noone will notice…
I guarantee if you start pushing your fellow group members….sit next to them as they finish their final reps…pat them on the back when they finish…whatever it is that you do to help people finish their wod… the dynamic of your class will change and your class becomes better… Try it:)
Thanks for making CFS the best gym around… I don’t care about having the best athletes..I care about having the best programming… good people who care about each other, and the best team. That is what CFS stands for…see you at the gym.


CFS crew



A. Push press @12X1; 4-5; rest 2-3mins x 5
B. 10 wall walks not for time

5 sets
10 ring dips
10 KBS tough
10 situps
rest 90sec

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