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Monday July 22, 20013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO (Ryan L Success Story)


Monday July 22, 20013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO (Ryan L Success Story)

ryan before (1)

RYAN- Before CFS


Ryan today… 20# later! 

Ryan after

First Name & Last Initial 

Ryan L.



Arvada, CO.








When did you first start CrossFitting?

8 Oct 2012, at CFS.  I had read a lot about CrossFit, then one day I saw someone in Stapleton with a CFS shirt on, which led me here.  That part of CFS’ marketing strategy works.

Favorite WOD/Least Favorite WOD.

I’m naturally better at rowing because I’m tall, and I’m slower at things like burpees.  I don’t know what to put here.  I tend to dislike what I struggle with, which is more the gymnastic movements.  If on account of my size it takes years for me to get a muscle up, I don’t care.  But, I enjoy CrossFit and am content to compete with and set goals for myself when a WOD for which I’m ill-suited comes calling.


Tell us about your sports & fitness background.

I played football and basketball and I swam through high school.  When I started college I was relatively inactive for a few months, rendering me quite fat, which prompted me to learn about health and fitness and eventually major in physiology.  I lifted heavily for a few years before injuring my shoulders, after which I could only do yoga and cardio, off and on.  I’ve completed yoga teacher training programs through CorePower on two occasions, and I still practice at CPY in Stapleton.  I have been strong, weak, fit, and fat at different points in my adult life.


Before coming to CFS, I attempted on a number of occasions to get back into fitness programs more physically rigorous than yoga, but my shoulders prohibited any lasting success.  I feel very blessed that the coaching staff at CFS has the wisdom and depth of knowledge to design a program that allowed someone like me to slowly build strength in my upper body over time without aggravating previous injuries.  Not all CrossFit gyms have this; we are very fortunate.


What made you decided to take the steps toward bettering your overall nutrition? What was your nutrition like prior to starting the CFS nutrition program?

I’ve been reading about the science of nutrition for ten years or so, and in my mind the paleo diet is well-supported scientifically, despite the evolutionary argument for it being utter nonsense.  My nutrition was poor for practical reasons.  I live alone, so I had to prepare every meal for myself if or eat out.  Time is limited.  Previously when I cooked veggies, they tasted like garbage.


I saw Tayler’s program as a economical and convenient way to dramatically increase my cooking ability.  I would get a week’s worth of food, but equally important was the intellectual property she put on the table.  Having cooked with her since shortly after I started at CFS, I have a notebook of around 150 recipes that are tested and delicious, and I have the working knowledge to prepare them.  One day Tayler will leave me, but what I learned from her will carry on.


What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting the Nutrition Coaching Program with Tayler? (before / after)

I am stronger now and less fat.  I fit into clothes that are smaller and generally look better whether wearing them or not.  Injuries to one’s back, neck, and shoulders are common in my profession, and I now have a lot more confidence in my ability to do my job in the long-term.  I have more energy as well.


What sort of changes in your overall nutrition have you experienced since starting the nutrition program?

The transition to paleo is not easy.  I found it difficult to get enough carbohydrates for a length of time.  Just about everything has to be prepared, and much of that needs to be planned before I get hungry.  I always have to think about what in any week’s meals is complete and easy enough to take to work, where I never have time to eat.  There are commonly little steps that must be done after our prep session on Sunday.  Spaghetti used to take eight minutes to boil, but a spaghetti squash takes 45 minutes to roast.


Tayler’s assistance was invaluable.  In the end, what I eat is balanced in macronutrient content, full of a wide variety of vegetables, and surprisingly everything tastes great.  I think my diet is as healthy as it gets.  It takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it.


Please share with us any favorite CrossFit / Nutrition Coaching moments.

One week, I was supposed to get rhubarb to make a strawberry rhubarb tart.  I didn’t know what rhubarb was (or rutabaga, obviously), so I got rutabaga.  Tayler said rutabaga would need this, this, and that to be an acceptable substitute, and somehow she made a delicious strawberry rutabaga tart.  It was pretty impressive.


Any advice for people who are currently struggling with their overall nutrition?

Start.  You probably know what you need to start doing.  Just start.  In medicine we study behavioral change; many people want to quit smoking, lose weight, etc., and relatively few are successful.  In recent years the study of who is successful and why has really taken off.  Individuals who want to change but are failing tend to display ambivalence toward the change they seek: “I know I should quit smoking because I want to live to see my grandchildren grow up, but on my work break, all of my friends will be outside for a cigarette.”  It took researchers about 1600 years to catch up to St. Augustine: “Lord grant me chastity, but please, not yet.”  Ambivalence leads to inaction, time passes, and history repeats, so just get going.


What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?

I read all the time about everything on earth (non-fiction), and am the hugest of nerds.  My hobbies are in that vein.  I’m supposed to say I love every inch of mother earth and want to explore it all on my bicycle, but that’s not me.  I am interested in every topical academic discipline, and a number of others that no one cares about.  I do not have any particular talents.


Any additional comments about your time with Tayler?

If you’ve ever seen Dexter on Showtime, you know how he lines rooms in plastic for easy clean-up.  If ever you should let Tayler into your kitchen, I’d suggest you prepare similarly, particularly if you’re cooking with cauliflower.  She will demolish everything.  When we finish, it looks like a bomb went off, but whatever, it’s great.




A. EMOM – 12mins 

Odd min – PC x 1/PP x 5 light perfect form
Even min – 5-10 strict pull-ups pronated
B. Build to a max PCx1/SJx2 in 12mins 



WOD- For Time 
HR pushups
Pull-ups or Ring Rows
PC 95/65#

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