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Monday March 25, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Monday March 25, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Congrats to all our CrossFit Open Athletes and teammates who come to class on Friday’s 

We appreciate your patience when you attend classeson Friday’s .. the CFS coaches are doing our best to run classes as smoothly as possible but prepare to run 5 minutes over..

Men’s Master’s 40-44  Southwest results so far

Sean Sexton ..21st

Emilio DiPretoro.. 44th

Greg Sands -62nd

Women’s Southwest Master’s 40-44

Kim Ezrine  …22nd 

Jennifer Hanslick .. 77th

Tracey DiLorenzo …56th ( 45-50) ..

Women’s Master Southwest 50-54

Liz Hall 23rd!!!

We are very proud of all of our athletes and for all the support you show in the gym.

Theoretically, properly spaced work to rest intervals allow more work to be accomplished at a

higher intensities with the same or less fatigue than during continuous training at the same relative intensity. 

(Not sure about that fatigue part)

Sleep and Diet


‘Lung Burner’ 

Interval W.O.D

5 Sets:

5 Touch and Go Power Clean and JERK AFAP (Start @ 60% 1RM and try to build each round by 5%)

12 Burpees AFAP

15 Pull Ups AFAP

-Rest 4:30 between sets-


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