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Monday November 18th, 2013 -CrossFit Stapleton


Monday November 18th, 2013 -CrossFit Stapleton

And with a wave of my magic wand, POOF!, you are now empowered.

You are an individual inside an incredible community.  As an individual, your needs and wants should be voiced.  It is our job to listen to you and then respond thoughtfully. We understand that there are things you know about yourself that we cannot possibly know about you.  You can be damned sure that we respect that and understand it.  We are great at listening, and we are interested in one thing: changing your life for the better.  If you have injuries, we respond.  If  you have goals, we respond.   But what if you just freaking hate something?  It scares you, it baffles you, down deep inside you really can’t see any reason why you should do it.  So don’t.


That’s right.  I am empowering you.  If you don’t want to do something, ask the coach for a sub.  The coach’s job is to ask why you need that sub.  You could say it’s because of your shoulder or because you have a big race this weekend. OR, you could say, “because I don’t do that.  Period.  Ok, done deal.  The coaches want to inspire you, we want you to face fears, we want you to work on things you suck at.  But you know yourself better than we do, and, if after careful reflection you have come to a decision that there is just no good reason other than it’s on your banishment list, so be it.  The coach will be happy to sub for you.  Candlesticks for Handstand pushups?  Sure.  Weighted situps for Box Jumps?  Done.  Pullups for Overhead Squats?  You’re the boss.  We want information, we will question you as to why, and we will try to convince you to face your fear or your goat but in the end, we’ve got your back.  I have to admit that in some cultures there is a “we know what’s best for you” or “It’s our way or the highway” type of mentality.  We are skilled professionals who are dedicating ourselves to improving your health, fitness, and lifestyle.  But we also know that you are intelligent, driven, capable athletes who will achieve great things without doing a few things that you freaking hate.  Banish them, don’t stress, ask for a sub, and remember that stressing over something you hate isn’t worth it.  Consider yourself empowered.

(recent post from TJ’s that really resonated)

We will be starting a 6 week cycle on 11-18-2013. Yes, there will be back squatting, front squatting, dead lifting to build your foundational strength. You will continue to develop your Olympic weightlifting technical skills with EMOM’s and cluster training. We will be building on our specific energy system training to maximize your total fitness. You will see more great progressions for gymnastics skill work and development. You will row, You will run. We will work hard and You will be prepared for the CF Open, if that is one of your goals.

Our expectations are as follows.

  • nothing short of 100% commitment.
  • Check the blog every day before you come to class.
  • Attend class and maximize your membership by creating a set training schedule.
  • Check FB and use it as a tool to communicate with your coaches and the community.
  • Post your results to Whiteboard each day.
  • Ask questions when you need help
  • if you miss a workout, don’t worry about it, get back on track as fast as possible.


Workout of the Day
A. Press x1/push press x2; build this complex to a max in 5 sets
B. EMOM -Power clean TnG x5 reps. 6 minutes
C. 3 min. AMRAP T2B
For time:
15 shoulder to overhead 135/85#
20 box jumps 24/20
12 shoulder to overhead 135#/85#
65 DU
9 shoulder to overhead 135/85#
15 burpees

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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