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Monday October 28, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Monday October 28, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO




The comp course at CFS will make a return December 1st and will be geared towards getting all of our athletes ready for the CrossFit Open. If you are an athlete who is looking to join our CFS open team we will begin getting ready in December . What is the Crossfit open??

Check out this video: 

The Open is a 5 week test open to EVERYONE to see where you stand amongst everyone else across the region and the globe. 

CFS will be repeating the Open Wods from 2013 at the comp course and will be adding a new skill each week that we can expect to see this year at the 2014 open!!

Lets go CFS!


A. Back squat build to tough triple @32X1; in 3 working sets (NOT a 3rm) 


B. Front squat build to a tough triple @32X1; in 3 working sets (NOT a 3rm) 

****Thruster/pull up prep work in b/t sets (Barrel drill and band work)***




Thruster 115/75# scale as needed

CTB chin ups

Rest 5

x 2


****Fran’s coming 2 Monday’s from now and we have a plan leading up to it****

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