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Tuesday April, 10th No Limits Bootcamp at Wash Park


Tuesday April, 10th No Limits Bootcamp at Wash Park

First day of the No Limits Bootcamp at Wash Park!!! Incredible job this morning ladies you should be so proud of yourselves! Today, I challenge each of you to take 5 minutes to finalize your intentions for the next couple of weeks. Let go of all expectations and stay focused on today. Did you plan your meals for today and what time are you planning on eating? Do you have a snack available if you get too busy to step away for a full meal?  Planning & consistency are key to creating change and developing new healthy habits. Remember that change starts with one small step. Simply upgrading one choice each day will compound to create a big impact on your overall health over time. Enjoy and smile because there is no failure in boot camp.


4 rounds for time
10 kettle bell swings
200m run
Molly 4:09
Martha 3:35
Amy 4:26
Ali 3:41
Jenny 3:53
Emily 4:10

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