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Nutrition RX

Athlete in the Kitchen Recipes

($20/mo for CFS Members ONLY)
  • Weekly Recipes dropped into your inbox
  • 5 meals (4 dinner/lunches & 1 breakfast)
  • ‘Almost Paleo (80/20)’ or ‘Vegetarian’
  • All options Gluten Free

Nutrition Coaching Program

  • Begins with a baseline fitness & nutrition assessment
  • Personal nutrition plan will be assigned to you
  • Weekly food log reviews
  • Fitness/body comp measurement testing every 90 days
  • Daily motivation & accountability

Personal Meal Prep Program

($300/mo for CFS Members ONLY)
  • Every Thursday you will receive 5 seasonal recipes (4 dinners/lunches and 1 breakfast) and accompanying shopping list from either our Paleo, Tayleo, or Vegetarian plans to your inbox.
  • Every Sunday you will receive 120 minutes of food preparation at your house, in your kitchen, with a personal chef. This will set you up for success and get you ready for the week ahead.
  • To start you will receive a preliminary grocery store tour, that will get you familiar with the local grocery store of your choice.
  • The goal here is to get you comfortable in the kitchen and become a food prepping machine.

Baseline Nutrition Assessment

  • 60 minute consultation with our Nutrition Expert
  • Assess your current nutritional status (Skin-fold testing, ‘Before’ Pictures, Food Log Analysis)
  • Set future goals and establish your personal ‘Game Plan’
  • Follow-up appointment $50 (Recommended every 90 days)


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