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Saturday 26, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Saturday 26, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Don’t forget to watch the CrossFit Games this weekend! 

Cheer on coach Becky! 

 Look out for Krissy, Shauna, Ryan, Brittnay, Christina, Rich, and Tay and Dan!!!!


CF Games

Where to Go?

International Viewers

Come to The complete coverage of masters, teams and individuals will be streamed here for viewers from outside of the United States.

Domestic Viewers (United States)

Go to to log in, if your cable package includes ESPN and its related outlets. (See the complete list of ESPN3 Participating Providers.) ESPN3 will offer complete coverage of the masters, teams and individuals for domestic viewers.

If you don’t have access to ESPN3, you will still be able to watch all of the masters and teams on


Stream the CrossFit Games to a big-screen TV using Google Chromecast.

If you can’t make it to the CrossFit Games, the next best experience is a viewing party with box mates to watch the action live on a big-screen TV. If you have yet to set up a TV in your home or box for Games viewing, now is the time. No more huddling in front of the computer or passing around the iPad.

CrossFit Games events stream live on YouTube and ESPN3 in 1080p with quality comparable to HD cable or satellite channels. You will need four things to watch on your big screen:

•    An HD TV with an available HDMI port.

•    A wifi network with reasonable Internet speed.

•    A US$35 Google Chromecast streaming media player.

•    An Android or Apple mobile device to control the Chromecast player.

Here are the steps:

1. Acquire a Chromecast media player. Chromecast is a small dongle-shaped device that plugs into your TV and is available from ( and most electronics retailers.

2. Plug the Chromecast player into an available HDMI port on your TV, and plug the included USB cable into a wall charger or into the USB port on the TV. (The USB cable powers the Chromecast dongle.)

3. Download the Chromecast install app onto your Android or Apple mobile device, run the app, and follow the instructions. This is a one-time procedure to put the Chromecast player on your wifi network in order to stream video.

4. Update the YouTube app on your Android or Apple mobile device, or download it, and check that your device is on the same wifi network as the Chromecast player.

5. Navigate to the official CrossFit YouTube channel from within the YouTube app on your mobile device and select the live stream (or archived content) you wish to watch. Current live streams will appear at the top of the video list within the CrossFit YouTube channel.

6. “Cast” the video onto the TV by touching the rectangular TV icon from within the YouTube app and choosing Chromecast for output. This will instruct the Chromecast player to begin streaming the selected video content directly to the TV. From this point forward, the controls in the YouTube app will act as a remote control for Chromecast to play, pause, rewind (etc.).

7. Enjoy.


A. Full info on Chromecast is available at

B. For U.S. viewers watching the Games on ESPN3, the WatchESPN mobile app is Chromecast enabled. This means you can “cast” content to your TV via Chromecast in the same manner as with the YouTube app. The full list of Chromecast-enabled apps is .

C. Additional options for watching CrossFit content on TV include Apple TV (YouTube app on iOS using AirPlay is the best experience) and the YouTube apps on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, YouTube-enabled Smart TVs and other media-streaming devices.

And More

The daily broadcasts on ESPN and all-day online streaming aren’t the only ways to follow the CrossFit Games.

Starting Wednesday night, we will release shows called “The Day at the Games” on Hosts Sean Woodland and Rory McKernan, and analysts Pat Sherwood, Caity Henniger and Tommy Marquez, will break down all of the action both on and off the field.

Also on the Games site, you will be able to watch as CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro announces the Games events.

The CrossFit Games TwitterInstagram, and Facebook accounts will deliver play-by-play, behind the scenes photos and video clips, premiere coverage and more.


‘Grudge Match’


1) Find a ‘rival’ … 1v1 today!!!

2) 1st = 2pts, 2nd = 1, DNF under time cap = 0


@ 0:00

75x wall balls


  • Rest 4min 

@ 8:00

15x snatches (135/95#)


  •  Rest 4min

@ 16:00

AMRAP to 20:00 (4min) 

5x pullups

10x pushups

15x squats

  •  Rest 4min

@ 24:00

1k row


– Rest 2min


@ 30:00

AMRAP to 32:00



@ 32:01

Shake hands


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