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Saturday August 6, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Saturday August 6, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO



As most of you bootcampers (and a good handful of CrossFitters) know – Our AMAZING friend Rachel S underwent brain surgery on July 14th. She is currently home and on the mend, thank goodness. Her strength through this whole process has been and continues to be incredible!

Here is our most recent update from Jeff:

“Dear friends and family,

We lasted in acute rehab until this past Tuesday. The team wanted us to stay until August 3rd, but the strain of being in the hospital, away from home, was outweighing the benefits of staying there another eight days. So, here we are: at home on the back patio this morning, enjoying home-brewed coffee.

Rachel’s making progress every day. Relearning to eat, talk, write and walk isn’t gonna happen overnight. We’ve ditched the walker for outside…gotta tell you: 10,000 steps without a walker is much easier than with. We still has the PT belt on, and I hold on for safety, but Rachel’s walking is pretty much all her. Yesterday, we walked to one of her favorite places here in Stapleton: Bluff Lake. We had a great walk around the lake, then back home.

Our days are full: we walk, do Swig’s PT, OT and speech therapy…and rest. Rest and sleep are really important for brain recovery, so Rachel takes a couple naps a day…or at least tries to sleep.

Thank you all for your continued awesome support. The meals have been great…thanks to you all, we’re actually eating better than we usually do. And the cards we’ve been receiving make us smile and inspire us.

We’re going to continue to stay positive and work hard.

With love and appreciation,
Team Swig”



Leslie G has graciously organized a meal train for Rachel, so her family does not need to worry about food during this tough transition, and there are a few dates still up for grabs. I would love if CFS could help fill those slots up!! 

If you are able to help out with a meal please email to see available dates and get signed up!!! 

Thank you in advance for your help, I know Rachel and the family will be so appreciative of your help!

BootcampRX & CrossFit Classes:

Partner WOD For Time:

75 Pullups  ‘Rest’ = Bottom of Squat Hold Hold

75 Front Rack Stationary Lunges (95, 65)  ‘Rest’ = Hollow Hold

75 Power Cleans (95, 65) ‘Rest’ = Active Shoulder Dead Hang

75 Back Squats (95, 65) ‘Rest’ = Bottom of Pushup Hold

6x 200 M Sprints (A runs, B rests, slap hands and switch: each partner runs 3x)


  • Rep counts are per team, not per partner.
  • On all movements, except sprints, one partner works at a time, switch every minute, on the minute.


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