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Saturday December 31, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Saturday December 31, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Happy New Year’s!!!!

Only 7 and 8 am Classes Today!!

Remember to Bring Friends and Family for FREE!!!

**Gym is closed tomorrow**

Enjoy your New Year’s Celebration! We are looking forward to amazing things happening in 2017!!

Please be safe and we look forward to working out with all of you next year!!

Start 2017 Off Right! Join us for 9:30 am WOD on Monday January 2nd!!





Hellooooooo 2017 – For Time w/ Buddy:

2016m Row

20 sdHp w/ KB (55/35)

20 wAll balls (20/14)

20 Pull ups

20 db Push press

20 whY not do burpees

17 kNees to chest

17 kEttle bell swings (55/35)

17 Wall walks

Y’all run 600m (big loop, together)

Everyone carry 1 wall ball and 1 KB 300m (small loop, together)

All people plank for 3 minutes (as a team)

Run 600m again

2017m Row


– Split up the rowing however you would like. 2016 row must be completed before

moving into the ‘Happy New Year’ party. ‘Happy New Year’ party must be complete

before moving into the 2017 row.

– The reps of 20 and 17 are EACH for the teams. (IE: 20 SDHP for EACH teammate/40


– For the 300m carry one teammate will carry the wall ball and the other will carry the

KB (switch as needed, as long as equipment is never dropped to the ground) .



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