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Saturday January 13, 2017


Saturday January 13, 2017

Have you checked into class / logged your scores into the new Zenplanner App ?



One of our 2018 goals at CFS is to tighten up our organization in terms of DAILY class sign in and WOD logging in Zenplanner!

If you have not downloaded the ZP app yet please do so now!!

CLICK HERE to download the iPhone ZenPlanner App

CLICK HERE to download the Android Zenplanner App

Through the app you can now quickly reserve your space in any of our classes with the touch of the button!! You can also log your scores after class, update your account information, view the daily leaderboard, and SO MUCH more!

If you forget to pre-register for class DON’T sweat it – just be sure to check yourself in on the big screen AS YOU WALK IN THE DOOR, before you join class.

This (signing into classes and tracking your WODs in ZP) will help us track attendance trends and monitor our overall improvements as a gym through our workout logging. With this helpful information we can better serve you by continuing to offer classes at the proper times and adjust programming based of the metrics we see over time, to ensure we are making improvements and gains on a consistent basis!

Thank you in advanced for your help with this!

Happy New Year!!! Lets make this the best one yet.



A. Teams of two will complete three rounds each (total of 6 rounds per team) of:
10 Lateral Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
15 DB Thrusters
20 Toes to Bar


– While one partner works through the round, the other must hold two dumbbells (one each) fully extended overhead. If the dumbbells are dropped from overhead, both partners must perform 3 burpees before resuming the remainder of their round. If you don’t have a partner, rest with dumbbells extended overhead for as long as it took you to complete the round – performing 3 burpees every time you drop the dumbbells.

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