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Saturday July 9, 2011


Saturday July 9, 2011


Build up to Heavy Single Front Squat-10 min.

CNS Prep

3 Rounds for Time

12 Front Squat 135#/105#

12 Burpees

12 Pull Ups

Laura M. 7:45 85#

Paul 9:00 RX

Nick M. 9:30 RX

Bob 12:30 45#

Britney 12:25 45#

Sara R. 10:02 75#

Nick R. 11:00 135# / Pull assist

Bob, Thanks for working out with CFS this week. We appreciated your efforts and good luck on your 3 month “trial” back in Az. Good to see the Front Squat starting to “click” for a lot of folks today-Laura M. recognized the full depth and using the bottom “bounce” to get out of the hole. Check out this front Squat tutorial  and tell me if you see a little bit of yourself (or alot).  Nick M, this was a great effort week for you…attacking the WOD’s.



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