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Saturday June 21, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Saturday June 21, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


cold brew


What is cold-brew coffee? What makes it so special?

You might ask yourself this, but once you savor your first sip the “who, what, wheres, and whys” kind of dissipate. Cold-brew, also known as a toddy coffee, really is a wonderful thing: it is less acidic and bitter than it’s heated counterpart, yielding a smooth coffee flavor that doesn’t bite back. It also has less-caffeine than a hot cup of joe, which equals a less jittery Katie. Less caffeine and a lower pH are just a few things that Cold-Brew has going for it.

Cold-brew is “steeped” at room temperature for an extended period of time, rather than having scolding hot water poured over it. I use finely ground coffee beans, even though most recipes call for coarse-ground beans, because I feel the flavor extracted is stronger and less-watery. I also use two coffee filters, for a double filtration, to ensure the end-product is smooth and ground-free.

You can make cold-brew coffee easily with my method below, no fancy equipment needed – but there are “professional” cold-brew systems like this Toddy system on AmazonThis systemalso looks just as good, if not better since it is made with glass rather than plastic. However, aplain-old French Press would work wonders as well. I, myself, am an advocate of easy and using what I have on hand – so my mason jar method below with hopefully help you save money and enjoy the same quality of cold-brew without spending any dough.

Cold-Brew Coffee is a great addition to anyone’s coffee repertoire. It’s delicious, smooth, and very forgiving. Cold-brew has taken the #1 spot on my list for my favorite way to enjoy coffee, with Iced Thai Coffee a close second.

Without further ado:

Here is my video with a how-to (oh, it rhymes!). Let’s feed the habit together…

Thanks Girl Meets Nourishment!
For Time:

2 mile partner run time trial (800 + 800) x2 

*Each partner runs 1/2 mile AFAP x2

*Partner 1 rests while Partner 2 runs

*Each run 800 2x


BONUS POINTS = AMRAP Burpees while Partner runs 

*Each burpees = minus 1 second from time


Partner Plank Off

Max head to head plank hold

– Loser does 20  burpees


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