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Saturday November 29, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Saturday November 29, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO




We finished our MYZONE Coaches Challenge and the winners are Richard and Tayler! We hope you’re all going to invest in the new MYZONE heart rate monitor. You will be able to see your workout on the screen in CrossFit class and BootcampRX class (Calories burned, HR, %maxHR, Effort). So easy to use and you can also see how hard your friends are working. You can wear it for all your fitness activities away from the gym as well and the information is uploaded next time you come back to CF Stapleton. I hope you will all be using it so we can give you extra motivation when you’re slacking!! If you want anymore information please ask Emilio. We will be taking pre-orders for MYZONE belts starting Monday.



A. Power clean – 5× – rest 5-10 seconds btwn repetitions

B. Snatch balance – 12 minutes drilling this skill, low loads


3 sets – each for time – score is total working time


Burpees over bar

Push press – 60-70% 1RM

Rest 2-3 minutes btwn sets


Part A essentially reads as 5×5 – however, folks are taking short breaks btwn each repetition




Teams of two – 30min AMRAP:
P1 – 15 KB Swings (55/35)
P2 -15 KB Swings

P1 – 15 Burpees
P2 -15 Burpees
P1 – 15 thrusters (30/20)
P2 – 15 thrusters (30/20)
Run 400M Together
*1 person working at a time, except for on the run
*Goal is to maintain consistent pace for each round


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