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Steve K Success Story! Wednesday November 13, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Steve K Success Story! Wednesday November 13, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Please help me congratulate Steve K on the completion of the 8 week nutrition program with Tayler. 

Steve kicked butt during his 8 weeks and all of his hard work paid off for him when he performed so well in this years 2013 FRCF Masters competition. 

Over the course of the 8 weeks Steve was able to kick some bad habits, learn new cooking skills and techniques, and change his overall perspective on how ‘healthy’ food can actually be delicious. 

The dedication Steve demonstrated across the 8 weeks was great!! His performance in the gym improved tremendously!


Steves Stats:

Skin Fold (mm)         Week 1            Week 8 
Abdominal  16.5 10
Tricep  10 8
Chest 12 6
Mid-Auxillary  12 9
Subscap 14 12
Suprailiac 7 7
Neck 17 16.5
Shoulder 53 49.5
Chest 45.5 42.25
Upper Arm 15 14
Waist  40 37
Hip 40.5 37
Thigh 22.25 22
Calf 17.75 17.5
Baseline 4:59. 4:10.
Weight 202# 194#








CFS Athlete Profile Questionnaire


First Name & Last Initial *

Steve K



Kansas City, MO








When did you first start CrossFitting?

July 2012 


When did you first start training at CFS?

July 2012


Favorite WOD:

I don’t have a favorite, more like WODs that I dislike less than others.  I usually like WODs that involve Olympic lifts, but for some reason I also like Annie and Cindy.   I’m also looking forward to trying 13.1 again.   


Least Favorite WOD:

In general, I don’t like WODs that involve running.  But my least favorite WOD would have to be Fight Gone Bad.  IT is a world destroyer.


Tell us about your sports & fitness background.   

I grew up playing football and baseball.  I ran track in high school (believe it or not I ran hurdles and high jumped).  I played Ultimate for my college club team, but gave that up after four knee surgeries. Outside the gym, I mountain bike, snowboard, and play golf.  Before CFS, I tried about every workout program and Globo-gym you can think of, with good and bad results, but nothing I could ever enjoyed enough to stick with more than a few months. 


What made you decided to take the steps toward bettering your overall nutrition? What was your nutrition like prior to starting the CFS nutrition program?

After about 6 months at CFS, I realized how bad I was eating and how often we were eating out.  My wife and I have tried to eat healthy in the past, but that has always been in fits and starts.  Before Tayler’s nutrition plan, we primarily ate a high carb, low fat diet, with no real results.  The CFS nutrition program was attractive because it offered  both meal planning and preparation, and didn’t require us to come up with our own plan.  Ultimately, I decided to do the 8 week Nutrition Coaching Program as a run up to the Front Range Masters Competition. 


What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting the Nutrition Coaching Program with Tayler ? (before / after):

When I first started at CFS I was around 225 lbs, and had not been under 200 lbs since high school. In my first six months at CFS I lost around 10 lbs, but was still eating poorly.  Just switching to the weekly meal preparation plan about 8 months ago had a great effect on me.  I gradually lost another 10 pounds over the first 5 months that we worked with Tayler, and fluctuated between 210 and 205..  When I decided to do the Masters competition, I decided to make a concerted effort to see what I could do.  By focusing on my diet and following Tayler’s plan, I was able to get down to around 195  lb (and briefly down to 190).  Since I started in 2012, I have also lost around 10% body fat.  Dropping the weight certainly makes all the bodyweight WODs easier!  


What sort of changes in your overall nutrition have you experienced since starting the nutrition program?

I kicked bad Diet Coke habit, and now rarely eat processed grains (i.e., bread, pasta).  I now make healthier decisions at restaurants, and don’t have the sweet tooth I used to have.  Overall, my wife and I make healthier food choices both at home and when we eat out.


Please share with us any favorite CrossFit / Nutrition Coaching moments.

Most of my favorite “moments” aren’t really moments.  My favorite thing about CFS is the camaraderie of the 5 a.m. class.  Although Cross Fit is certainly a physical workout, it is equally a mental challenge, and having the support of the 5 a.m. class has been unbelievable.   Working out with the same awesome group of people every morning, and pushing each other to do things you never thought  you could do is my single favorite thing about CFS.    I also have really enjoyed the competitions, both as a spectator and competitor.  Oh, and getting frantic text messages from Nicolle is awesome.  My favorite moment with Tayler is when I told her that I actually had a craving for vegetables.  I think she about fainted.


Any advice for people who are currently struggling with their overall nutrition?

For me, I could not ease into the program, you have to just jump in and stick with it for a couple of weeks..  So, I don’t try to cut things out gradually, because it is too easy to slip back into old, bad habits.  After a couple of weeks, it becomes easier and you lose the urge to eat poorly.  Once you start seeing results, it also becomes easier.     


What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?

Spending time with my family in the mountains, snowboarding, biking and playing golf. Also trying to get my new law firm off the ground.    


Any additional comments about your time with Tayler?

Other than constantly trying to get me to like cauliflower and curry, Tayler has been great to work with.  My wife and I have changed the way we eat, tried foods we would never have otherwise (parsnips), and have lost nearly 50 pounds together.  Thanks Tayler!    





1 Minute AMRAP Burpees

1 Minute AMRAP KB Swings 55#/35#  [How to swing a KB faster and easier, with squatting less]

Rest 3

1 Minute AMRAP DU’s [How to do picture perfect double unders]

1 Minute AMRAP KB Squat Cleans 55#/35#

Rest 3

1 Minute AMRAP Cals on Rower

1 Minute KB Snatches 55#/35# split them up b/t arms  [KB Snatch Technique]

Rest 3

1 Minute AMRAP Box Jumps 20” for all (jump up and down)

1 Minute AMRAP anchored Sit Ups

Rest 3

300 Meter Run

1 Minute AMRAP KB Thrusters (split them up b/t arms)


Cash out:

100 Lateral wall ball throws 20#/14# (Use Trunk rotation NOT arms)

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