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Sunday March 4, 2012


Sunday March 4, 2012

"Winner's Circle"

Yesterday was an amazing experience. It was our first event and we need to tighten up as a staff on some things (like the scoring etc) and we will. I  saw so many great things but would like to highlight a few:

  • People cheering each other on and pushing their human performance to the limit….repeatedly.
  • Too many PR’s to mention. It is amazing what a little adrenaline and synergy can do to ignite and realize your potential.
  • The inspiration of newer CrossFitters getting in there and giving it their all regardless of their skill level. We are all better for it.
  • Laura Reynolds never giving up on those Toes To Bar until time limit was reached and her sincere dissapointment at not quite making the time limit-that was some inspirational stuff.
  • Liz Hall “ripping” open her hand late in WOD #3 and rubbing some chalk in it.
  • Tony Cappa flinging himself off the pull up bar trying to get #36.
  • Travis running through WOD #3 like a machine-Freaking beast mode.
  • Nick coming off that rower first.
  • Aaron and Adam deadlifting some serious weight.
  • People pulling themselves under the bar for Clean and Jerk.
  • Adam B and Mike W. helping us square away the scoring in short order.
  • Laura M.’s wall balls and Toes to Bar improvement.
  • Tracy D. realizing she didn’t have a deadlift bar, wall ball station, or Toes To Bar set up …30 seconds before her W.O.D.-some things never change.
  • Gina calling me out on a “NO REP”…I had that shit coming.
  • Bill and Nicolle and other judging partners helping each other through the pain.
  • Family (little children) and friends gathering together to celebrate the sport of fitness and their Mom’s, Dad’s, Son’s, Daughters, Wife’s, Husband’s, Partner’s dedication to living healthy and putting their marker down on “getting better”.
  • Some outstanding post WOD Fuel thanks to the Paleo Wagon.
  • The awesome first sip of that beer when our mission was accomplished.
  • Recognizing the winners-which was really every body.
  • Us growing tighter and figuring out what weaknesses we will make our strengths in the days, weeks, months to come.
  • Jesse Belich taking almost 2 minutes off his best 2k row.
  • Jim, Lance, Liz, Tracy, Zac showing all us young they really are. (Notice I left myself out of that list)

Thank you so much for the huge turn out and incredible efforts. Here is my favorite quote provided by one of our strongest members. His strength is not solely in the Clean and Jerk or row, but how he supports all his brothers and sisters daily.

“Crossfit Stapleton is an amazing community founded on an amazing idea. 14 months ago, I was resigned to decomposing on my couch. 6 hours ago, I was rowing for my life; moving huge amounts of weight; and doing it over and over – always ready for more. Next year, I’m takin first overall. Addiction solidified.”

-Nick Massie

Good stuff Nick, but you ain’t taking first next year…..





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