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Thursday August 1, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Thursday August 1, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

“You are pushed to your max every day at CFS, but you are not alone.”

Matt Staub at the start of his 90-Day Challenge with CrossFit Stapleton.

Matt Staub at the start of his 90-Day Challenge with CrossFit Stapleton.

For former collegiate baseball player Matt Staub, the physical and mental daily challenges along with the supportive group mentality at CrossFit Stapleton were exactly what he needed to bust out of a rut that had taken him to “the worst shape of my life.”

Urged on by his wife who saw an ad for the CrossFit Stapleton 90-Day Challenge, Matt met with gym co-owner Nicolle DiPretoro who quickly sold him on the challenge, the gym, and on making the lifestyle change.

“Nicolle laid the foundation for what CFS is all about. Talk about energy and enthusiasm,” Matt recalls. “It literally pours out when she’s talking to you about the gym, CrossFit, members and your goals.”

His goals were broad when the 90-day challenge began: get into better shape, begin living a healthier lifestyle. As a father with another child on the way, Matt was having trouble keeping up with his two-and-a-half-year-old son as his energy levels had dropped to an all-time low. But ignited by challenge and with the strength of the CrossFit Stapleton team by his side, Matt has seen true transformation take place as the challenge winds down to its final weeks.

“The last three months have been about making healthy habits the norm and creating the foundation for a much better way of life,” stresses Matt, who no longer fits into any of his pants, is wearing old shirts again, and notices definition in his arms, legs, stomach and even face.

“Nicolle, (co-owner) Emilio (DiPretoro), (coaches) Greg (Sands) and Tayler (Upton) are simply out of this world,” comments Matt. “They are knowledgeable, energetic, focused and encouraging. This would be a much harder challenge if this group of people were not leading the way.”

Matt’s 90-day challenge concludes in August, so make sure to keep tabs on the CrossFit Stapleton website, Facebook and Twitter pages to see Matt’s final transformation.

Begin Your Own Transformation! Whole Life Challenge Registration Open TODAY!

Today (Thursday, Aug. 1) marks the first day to register for the Fall 2013 Whole Life Challenge, an 8-week health and fitness game that will help you in taking a look at your overall well-being and make changes for the better.

Register between August 1-7 and receive a discounted entry fee of $44, or register by the challenge start date of September 7 for $49. Participants in the Whole Life Challenge will benefit from access to an on-line worldwide scoreboard as they compete with challengers from around the globe, a pre-challenge seminar, access to the Whole LIfe blog and discussion forums, and have chances to win cash and prizes. CrossFit Stapleton members that sign up for the Fall 2013 Whole Life Challenge will also receive challenge-specfic content from the CFS coaching staff to help them make the biggest strides possible during the 8-week event.

So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to join the global CrossFit community and CrossFit Stapleton in challenging yourself to be the best you there is. Make sure to keep checking the CrossFit Stapleton website, Facebook and Twitter pages for more.






A. Squat Clean Cluster 1. 1. 1; rest 15sec btw reps/rest 2-3mins x 4 build per set

(you do 1 rep rest 15sec then the next rest 15 sec then the next and rest 2-3mins add weight repeat 4x’s)
B. EMOM – Power Snatch + OHS x 2 – 6mins

(each rep includes PS and OHS) moderate weight perfect form OHS @31X1


Skill Work

Rope climbs


Rope Climb Progression Part 1:


Rope Climb Progression Part 2: 


Rope Climb Progression Part 3:




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