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Thursday August 15, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Thursday August 15, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Congrats to Emily S. for making such huge improvements on her nutrition over that last 5 weeks!

So far Emily has gone from a 6:37 baseline WOD to a 5:19 time… That is a fantastic improvement for being only 5 weeks into the 8 week nutrition program.

Emily has also lost 5 pounds, completed her 1st RX WOD just a couple weeks ago, and she KILLED her DUs in ‘Annie’ yesterday.

Emily is improving every week and it has been very motivating to she how committed she is to the 8 week nutrition program.

Below is a copy of her most recent food log… Please take a look to get a solid idea on how ALL of you should be eating each day. Notice how often she eats and how many VEGGIES she consumes on a daily basis.

Keep it up Emily!!!

Yay Nutrition.


Day 1: 8/6/13

(1.5L water throughout the day)

 Breakfast (9am)

¼ C paleo granola with ¾ C almond milk

1 smoothie (Lots of Kale, 1T almond butter, 1 scoop protein powder, frozen cherries/pineapple, ¼ banana, 1C almond milk)

Snack (1130am)

1 Lara Bar

 Lunch (130pm)

3 Mexican turkey tacos with salsa and ½ avocado

Snack (430pm)

¾ Applesauce (leftover from week before) and 2 slices deli turkey

Dinner (730pm)

1 C orange chicken with 1.5-2C sautéed stirfry veggies





A. Build to a max squat clean 15mins


B. build to a tough double power snatch 12mins 

“Grace” 30 reps for time:

Clean and Jerk (135 lbs/95 lbs)


Sam Briggs does ”Grace”- In 1:35!! 

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