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Thursday September 13th, 2012 -CrossFit Stapleton


Thursday September 13th, 2012 -CrossFit Stapleton

CrossFit Stapleton Kids starts October 2nd! We are really excited about starting our kids program, many of you have been asking Nicolle and I for a long time to get this going. Initially, this program will be for kids of CFS members only. If you are interested, please send an email to or

Push Jerk

3-3-3-1-1-1; Rest 2-3 min. (63%,70%,77%,85%,93%,100%)

“Whole Life Challenge WOD”

AMRAP (reps) in 9 minutes:

7 kettlebell swings 55#/35#

7 burpees

50m run (25m down and back)

*SCORE is the total number of burpees and kettle bell swings


Chad 119
Jason 119
John C 112
Christine 98
Michelle 97
Michael 100
Javier 98RX
Keith 98
Jason 90
Tom 92
Erin 99
Amy 93
Jeremy 98RX
Katie 93
Liz 106
Dave 114RX
Shane 106RX
Lisa  65
Justin 117RX
Tiger 84
Sarah B 119
Tiffani 108
Scott 119
Tara 112
Sara 124
Nicolle 128RX
Rick 79RX
May 110
Amy 106
Justin 112
Jason 112
Christina 128RX
Tay 145RX
Galo 134RX
Katie G 122RX
Paula 125RX
Laura R 123RX
Danielle 112RX
Lisa  110RX
Jolene 98
Adam 105RX
Gina 100RX
France 98
Cherstin 100RX
Sara 84RX
Jill 98
Whitney 119RX
Natalie 98
Trey 96RX
Ron 98
Kyle F 112
Pilar 112RX
Jeff 112


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