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Tuesday 8-17-10


Tuesday 8-17-10

Workout of the Day

Move from each of 5 stations after one minute of work. This is a 5 minute round, with a 1 minute break after each round.

3 Rounds:

  • Wall Ball
  • SDLHP. -KB.    “Sumo Dead Lift High Pull” with KB. “Kettlebell”
  • Box Jump
  • Push Press
  • 200M Run

The clock does not stop after each exercise, on the call of rotate, move to the next station immediately. 1 point is given for each rep.


Abby R.

Connie P.

Chris R.

Larry R.

Nick R.

Chris L.

Jeremy B.

Cindy A.

Alan V.

Liz H.

Mike K.

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