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Tuesday August 16, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Tuesday August 16, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Are you an Athlete in the Kitchen?


Or just in the gym?

It’s time to be both!

Let us show you why feeling and looking good is 90% Nutrition and 10% Physical Activity.

We have been working on a program to help YOU succeed in the kitchen. How do WEEKLY recipes, with detailed step by step instruction, and accompanied shopping lists dropped in your inbox every Friday sound?

What do you get?

For $5/week you will receive 5 (4 main meals and one breakfast) seasonal, chef inspired recipes that each makes 4-6 servings. These meals will feed a family of 4 dinner and breakfast Monday-Friday or an individual Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all week. You choose how you would like to use them!

This program will be spreading across Colorado (and probably the world!) soon, but we wanted to test our basic ‘menu offerings’ to the CFS family first. This program will be much more expensive down the road, but your $20/mo rate will be locked in as long you are a member of CFS. All we ask from you is your honest feedback on the recipes and the shopping lists.

If you would like to receive a FREE week to see what the hype is all about email to receive one ‘Almost Paleo’ menu plan. We are developing a strict paleo plan and a vegetarian plan that you can choose from down the road.

If you would like to sign-up for this program, please email and we will add a $20/mo charge to your monthly membership at the gym. You will receive weekly recipes in your inbox (similar to what you see attached), for as long as you would like to stay on the program.

Happy eating!!




A. Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets of each):
Station 1 – Arch to Hollow Rolls x 20 reps
(alternate from holding a supine hollow body position to a prone arch/superman position without your hands or feet touching the floor)
Station 2 – Supine Ring Rows x 10-12 reps @ 2111
(get as horizontal as possible, maintain engaged glutes and abdominals throughout the movement)
Station 3 – 45-60 seconds of Handstand Walking – use a partner to assist if necessary or work on your shoulder taps
(OR 45-60 second Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold if you need more time to get comfortable upside down)

B. Complete rounds of 21, 15 and 9 reps for time of:

Thrusters (135/95 lbs)
Burpees Over the Barbell



A. Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:

Minute 1 – Nose-to-Wall Handstand Wall Runs x 20 shoulder taps

(focus on stabilizing your midline and maintaining a good vertical position)

Minute 2 – Strict Ring to Sternum Pull Ups x 6-8 reps

Minute 3 – Bamboo Bar Overhead Stability Hold x 30-45 seconds

(if you don’t have a Bamboo Bar, use PVC pipe, bands and kettlebells)

B. Every 5 minutes, for 20 minutes (4 sets):

30/20 Calories on the row

200-Foot Sandbag KB Farmers Walk (as heavy as possible)

10/7 Muscle-Ups (or sub C2B and Ring dips)



A. Complete rounds of 21-15-9-15-21 reps for time of:
DB Thrusters

200m run (between each set)


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