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Tuesday December 11, 2012


Tuesday December 11, 2012

Great article on economy of motion in creating power. In depth analysis through video shows the incorrect angles of different part of our bodies and how power is often compromised through improper sequencing of body parts. The most obvious error we see in new rowers is pulling back the hips but leaving the handle stationary-then trying to pull with all upper torso; or never leaning forward in the catch with active upper posture. The result is upper torso angled back throughout stroke.

 Interval WOD

6 SETS: 

2 Minutes to complete:

  • 250m row/.4 Air Dyne (200 Meters for woman)
  • 5 Thrusters 115#/85#
  • Max reps DU with time remaining

Rest 2 Minutes

Score = Total Number of DU’s Completed.

Substitute For DU’s will be chase the rabbits (have fun).


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