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Tuesday December 31, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Tuesday December 31, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


New year. New logo. New attitude… NEW BEGINNER CF PROGRAM!

6 days – 2 Weeks – Beginner Intro Session

This new program is intended to teach the new CrossFit athlete at CFS the basic movements of CF in an easy to follow and logical way. WODs at the end of each class will be simple and reflect movements learned during the class. The idea is to give clients the feel of a structured CF class so once they graduate the level 1 program they will feel more than comfortable jumping into the standard CF classes at CFS. The program will run 3 times per week (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday at 7pm) for 2 straight week. New members will attend only the beginner CF classes for their first two weeks at CFS. Our goal is to set everyone of our new members on the right foot so they can get the full benefits out of our CF classes without feeling overwhelmed. All members of CFS are welcome to drop into any of the beginner classes if they feel they need to brush up on skills or strength movements they currently struggle with.


A. Back Squat- Build to a 10rm max 3 sets
B. Rear Foot elevated Split Squat- Build to 8rm per leg

3 sets 80-90% effort
20 wall balls 20/14#
20 burpees
20 box jumps 24/20″ (step down)
20 walking lunges
Rest walk 2-3mins
Time each set. Goal is same time per set.



  • Tuesday there will only be a 6am and a 9:30 class
  • Wednesday (January 1) We will have ONLY one class at 9:30am
  • Classes will resume as scheduled Thursday and the rest of the week

Please refer to out CFS Zen Planner calendar

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