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Tuesday January 31, 2011


Tuesday January 31, 2011


Let’s get ready to ruuuuuummmmmbbblllleeeeeee! (Michael Buffer voice). Announcing our first in house “CrossFit Park Hill/Stapleton Throw Down”! Dates to be announced soon! We will have 4 events over a 2 day period. We will have prizes for different age brackets, local vendors, and challenging well rounded programming. This is an awesome opportunity to identify weaknesses in your game, challenge yourself physically/mentally, and get to know all the people from our 2 gyms. This is NOT CFS vs. Park Hill, but a friendly competition with the emphasis on FUN! Regardless of your skill level, please participate, because these will be great workouts if nothing else.  This event is free, so now you have no excuses. 


The events will not be announced until the Monday before!!!!!!!

HSPU ladder 1- up to your (max -2) and back down. 

HSPU Practice for lesser skill levels

 Test # 1:


  • R KB Snatch – 55#/35#
  • L KB Snatch – 55#/35#
  • Burpees- vertical body at top

 Rest 10

 Test #2

 5 Minutes for:

Max Row for Distance


Cindy 7:25 Rx, 1138m


Karen 7:48, 1038m

Allison 6:24, 1017m

Galo 6:30 RX, 1420m

Nick M. 8:36 Rx, 1407m

Avra 8:05, 1059m

Liz 7:38, 2.01 miles A.D.

Abby 9:05, 977m

Danielle 8:37,1005m

Ed 8:43, 1321m

Lindy 8:57, 1080m

Meghan 7:28, 1020m

Aaron 7:34, 1230m

J.D. 7:41, 1241m

Francine 6:18, 1036m

Connie 7:42, 1000m

Amy 8:12, 1.6 miles A.D.

Mike 6:09, 1240m

Jill N. 8:44, 1111m

Katy 7:57, 1031m

Melissa 7:58,

Jen 7:37, 1099m

Jenna 7:56, 2622M Watt Bike

Michael H. 7:07, 1202m

Bill 6:58, 1344m

Jeremy 7:35, 1253m

Scott P. 7:25, 1243m

Reno 8:53, 1398m

Travis 8:53 Rx, 1376m

Tom 8:25, 1189m

Jennifer 7:23, 1229m

Julie D. 7:17,1110m

Trisha 6:56,1105m

Paula 6:45,1074m

iJason 8:39 RX, 1331m

Gregg 6:50, 1330m

Zac 7:32, 1287m

Nancy 7:30, 998m

Trey 10:36 RX, A.D.

Tayler  8:01 RX, 1198m

Emilio 8:26, 1319m

Pilar 8:40, 1047m

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