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Tuesday June 17, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Tuesday June 17, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Where can I find probiotics?



Preserved and fermented foods originated out of necessity & practicality. When food was unavailable or scarce tribes and villages would turn to fermented foods for nourishment.

Now we look to these fermented foods for their beneficial effects on immunity, intestinal health, and  overall well being. The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods have been supported scientifically to improve overall health and well being in humans. The lactic acid fermentation in fermented foods increases their micronutrient (vitamins,minerals,etc.) content.

The most commonly known source of probiotics is yogurt. If you prefer not to consume dairy products there are still many other ‘non-dairy’ options, check out the link below to see some ideas:

Dairy Sources
Yogurt drinks (e.g. Yakult, DanActive, etc.)
Soft cheeses
Sour doughs/breads
Probiotic milk (acidophilus, buttermilk)
Cultured cottage cheese (different from the usual store stuff, excellent source of protein)
Protiotic chocolates (in the refrigerated section)

Non-Dairy Sources
Fruit drinks (Good Belly, etc.)
Microalgae (add to smoothies)
Fermented veggies (e.g. pickles, kimchi) – watch the sodium content!
My number one choices are Kimchi (I throw it in stir fry dishes or on top of my eggs) and Kombucha tea (My fav: ).
Be cautious of the ‘dairy-free’ yogurts on the market, although these have the great probiotics we are looking for, they tend to be very high in sugar!

Yay Probiotics!



4 Interval Sets 
25 Kcals on rower
25 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
25 Pushups
50 DUs (Sub= 50 mtn. climbers) 

– Rest 30sec

*Record time EACH set*

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