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Wednesday August 28, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Wednesday August 28, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Did yesterday’s WOD leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed in your DUs?? There are still a few slots left for Molly Metz’s DU clinic at CFS September 15 from 9-11am… 

Click here to register:

jumpNrope Double Under – Jump Rope TrainingSeptember 15th, 2013
9:00 – 11:00 AMHosted by CrossFit StapletonMolly Metz, 5-Time World Jump Rope Champion, competitive jump rope coach, recent CrossFit athlete and founder of jumpNrope is bringing competitive jump rope techniques and training to CrossFit affiliates, gyms, and training facilities worldwide.Molly, now a current CrossFit athlete, understands the athletes need for consistent, consecutive and efficient double unders.  She also understands that each WOD or workout varies when the double under  is prescribed, resulting in the need to lengthen or shorten a rope, how that works mentally and physically and what tools and movements can be worked on to improve and increase your consecutive doubles.   This seminar is the only seminar conducted by a competitve, professional  and 28+year jump rope coach.  All athletes attending this course will leave with the proper tools and movements needed for a future of painless double unders.

All registered participants will be offered a discount on all her patented jump ropes, of which will be available for sale after the seminar. Molly’s patented jump rope technology was designed in 2006, and is currently used by all the fastest and most powerful competitive jumpers of the world! Her handle technology is unique, as it accompanies 4 different training ropes – all essential to any athlete for proper progression for mastering the double under.

This evolution of jump rope technology, also known as the R3 Evolution Series, was developed by Molly specifically for competitive jumpers and has revolutionized the sport of jump rope. All ropes will be made custom to fit the athletes ever changing needs.

The course is $40
September 15th, 2013
9:00 – 11:00 am

A1. Front squat @30X1; 3, 2, 2, 2; rest 30sec 

A2. BB Pendlay Row @20X1; 5-8; rest 30sec x 4  

Met-Con 3 Rounds For Time:

Run 800m
15 Barbell Thruster
15 Pull-Ups 

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