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What’s the difference between Stapleton Bootcamp and CrossFit Stapleton?


What’s the difference between Stapleton Bootcamp and CrossFit Stapleton?

Bootcamp or CrossFit? Here is a question that I get  when people are looking at CrossFit Stapleton  and trying to determine what is best for them.  Bootcamp or CrossFit?

Let me begin by saying there are more similarities than differences when comparing these two programs. Let’s take a look at Stapleton Bootcamp, which is different than most bootcamps. Our outdoor bootcamp classes are coached by certified CrossFit instructors, and we use the CrossFit methodology as the foundation for teaching and instructing these classes.

We like to do plenty ketttlebell training for strength development and overall fitness. We use medicine balls, jump ropes, abmats, sand bags, PVC, stone walls, hills , soccer goals for pull ups and other natural terrain to execute our workouts and define our programming. Some things you will not see at Stapleton bootcamp in Central Park include Olympic barbells, pull up bars, gymnastics rings, rowers and various other fun things that are reserved for the CrossFit gym.

Bootcamp is a great way to quickly get back in shape after a layoff. It’s great if you love being outside and enjoying the phenominal weather we have here in Colorado. Don’t let the fact that this program is “outside the box” fool you. These workouts are tough and fun. We describe it as a lighter version of CrossFit. However, I gaurantee you will be challenged everyday. And by adding bootcamp classes to your regimen, you will gain pleasure in your training, and avoid burning out on always being in the gym.

If you are an endurance “specialist”, such as a long distance runner or a cyclist; bootcamp and CrossFit can be used to enhance your current fitness regimen. We have seen many endurance athletes gain unbelievable strength and speed utilizing CrossFit and bootcamp. Our classes and exercise programming is well thought out and designed to train different energy systems across different time domains utilizing a variety of exercisess. Ultimately, adding fun to your “routine” and taking some of the guess work out of your training.

If you would like to learn more, drop into a Stapleton bootcamp class in Central Park. Your first class is always free!  And you can observe a class at the gym  CrossFit Stapleton anytime. Then, you can schedule an appointment to meet with one of our trainers.

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